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Baseball Progressive Chase Systems

  Anyone who has bet on sports for any period of time knows that losing streaks are part of the picture. It doesn’t matter how good of a handicapper you are, losing streaks are going to happen. It makes no difference how you handicap. Bettors who rely on statistics, systems, or trends are not exempt from…

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The Effect of Turnovers in NFL

Handicap NFL Effect Two things that football coaches hate:  penalties and turnovers.  From Pee Wee football all the way to the NFL, these two things cause coaches to pull their hair out.  NFL bettors share the same beliefs, at lease when the team they’ve bet on has a penalty or fumbles the ball, there isn’t…

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NFL Betting

Developing an NFL Betting Strategy Do you want to learn more about how to bet on the NFL?  Once you have a basic understanding of the spread, over/under NFL betting and the money line, you may want to study more advanced strategies of NFL betting. One example: many handicappers looking to place wagers on the…

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NFL Prop Betting Explained

NFL Prop Betting   Even though the most common betting on NFL Football usually involves game point spreads and point totals, there is often times various alternative bets are available. One of these alternative bets is called a proposition bet, or a “prop bet”, and is often offered by casinos and sports books on outcomes…

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