College Football ATS Streaks

When it comes to College Football ATS Streaks, sports bettors tend to have very short memories with some degree of loyalty, which  isn’t really a good thing. Teams that cover for a sports bettor one week are often looked upon favorable in the upcoming week, while teams that the bettor recently lost with are shunned for a couple of weeks.

NCAA Football bettors might also notice what teams are covering the spread and what ones aren’t.  More often than not, they become eager to jump on the bandwagon, and as a result, teams that are on a nice point spread run will become slightly over-valued, and teams that are in the middle of a point spread slump become not as valued.  The oddsmakers know that NCAA football bettors love winners and dislike losers, and so they will make the necessary adjustments in the lines and if they don’t make a big enough adjustment, the betting public will take care of this for them.

As an example, let’s look at Saturday NCAA football games.  There are 10 teams that are undefeated against the point spread and the general public is placing wagers on them, and this has caused some large line movements in specific games.  The Kentucky Wildcats with a 3-0 ATS open with a 13.5 point favorite over Vanderbilt and the money on Kentucky has pushed the line to 17.5.  The same goes for California (3-0 ATS) when it opened -11 against Colorado and the line climbed to 14.5, as about 72% of the wagers are coming in on the Golden Bears.

Another example would be a team like Texas-El Paso, which is 3-0 ATS, went from +30 to +28 in its game against Kansas State.

One Saturday game features a pair of undefeated teams against the spread, Memphis and Mississippi.  Old Miss opens at -21, and all week, the line has been steady.  The betting is fairly equal for both teams playing in the game.

Teams will see the opposite if they aren’t covering the spread.  This is the case with Connecticut (0-4 ATS) in its game played against Temple. The Owls opened as 3-point favorites and the line climbed to 7, and more than 80% of the wagers have come in on Temple. North Carolina (0-3 ATS) moved from +12.5 to 15.5 in its game against Clemson, as the Tar Heels are only getting about 30% of the bets.

In the world of NCAA football sports betting, even a losing team can be a winner.  Let’s use Florida State as an example. The Seminoles are undefeated and ranked No. 1 in NCAA football, but to sports bettors FSU is 0-3 against the spread, making it little surprise that Florida State has moved from -23 to -18 in its game against North Carolina State today. Sometimes you will see a game where both winning and losing factors come into focus, such as the game between Virginia (4-0 ATS) and Kent State (0-3 ATS). Almost 80% of the wagers in the game are coming in on the Cavaliers and the line has moved all the way from Virginia -21.5 to Virginia -28.

This doesn’t mean that you should automatically bet against teams that are undefeated against the spread or bet on a team that is looking for their first cover of the season, but when you have a good idea about what direction the line is going to move, this is a super important tool for a sports bettor, especially when it comes to NCAA betting.  If you like one of the undefeated ATS teams, it might be best to bet on them at the start of the week.  Would you rather have Kentucky -13.5 or Kentucky -17.5 today?

If you plan to go against a team that has been struggling, you will want to bet on that team early in the week before the lines move. Those who have North Carolina State +23 will end up  feeling a little bit better about their bets than those who take NC State +18 today and also have the option of shooting for a five-point middle.

In NCAA football betting, it’s not just you against the sportsbook, it’s you against the betting public, as they are able to move the lines quite a few points. When the general betting public gives you an advantage, you should definitely check out capitalizing on it.

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