MLB betting totals

The secret to baseball strategy key number totals and MLB betting totals is to take advantage of the right numbers. The number of online sportsbooks has given totals bettors access to a large variety of numbers to bet into. Most of the time, sportsbooks will have the same number posted on a game, such as 7.5, and the difference between two sportsbooks will be the price that you lay down.

One sportsbook may have 7.5-over (-120) and another may have the same game at 7.5-under (-115). But early in the day when the numbers are moving, it’s possible to find 7-over (-120) at one book and 7.5- under (-120) at another. The key here for bettors is to know which number is most advantageous.

It’s very important for if you are going to be betting baseball is to understand the difference between numbers. While 7 and 8 are both key numbers as far as baseball totals go, the 7 is a quite a bit more valuable because of the chances of a one-run victory. A game with an even total can only fall on the number with at least a two-run victory, such as 5- 3, while a total of 7 can yield a 4-3 game and end up a push. The chances of a one-run victory is much larger than a two-run victory in part because the home team winning in the ninth inning or in extra innings.

Because 7 is such a key number in baseball totals, the difference between 7 and 7.5 has to be given more weight than the difference between 7.5 and 8 or 8 and 8.5.

If you are given the opportunity of betting a game 7-over (-120) or 7.5-under (-120), the number says that they are better off laying the -120 both ways if that is the direction they want to go. In the case of the under, the extra half-run to push the total to 7.5 is worth the extra 20 cents on the moneyline. In the case of the over, it’s definitely worth it to lay the extra 20 cents, as if the game falls on 7, you will push your bet, while a game falling on 7 will be a loss if you played over 7.5 at even money.

Using an almost identical scenario for the numbers 7.5 and 8 would give the bettor the option of betting 7.5-over (- 120) or 8-under (-120). Here, you are taking the under to lay the -120 and go under 8, since you would lose the bet if you bet under 7.5 at even money and it falls on 8. But if you are liking the over, you may want to consider wagering over 8 at even money. A bettor will not lose a bet playing over 8 that they wouldn’t have lost playing over 7.5 and the extra 20 cents they will save on the losing bets will definitely add up over the course of the season.

When facing the option of betting 8-over (-120) or 8.5-under (-120), the bettor taking the over will more than likely want to risk the -120 to get the number 8, but the person betting who will be taking the under should also consider betting under 8 at even money. Once again, a bettor playing under 8 won’t lose a wager that they wouldn’t have lost playing under 8.5 and will save 20 cents on any losses that may occur.

If you take the time to look at the numbers and put a bit of thought into your wagers, you are more likely to have a more successful season than those people who just fire away without considering the numbers they are betting into.

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