Mobile Sports Betting

This post covers the basics of mobile sports betting along with some recommendations on the best mobile sports betting platforms.

Over the past few years the use of mobile apps, and online sports betting from mobile phones has revolutionized the sports betting industry.

It is literally possible to place a bet from anywhere with a wifi or data connection simply by logging into your online sports betting account and accessing the lines from your mobile phone or tablet.

This is definitely increasing the amount of betting tickets being issued, but it is also increasing the access to different types of bets such as live wagers. It’s now possible to place a bet while you are watching the game at your favourite sports bar or pub.

This is especially useful when you have a pending wager and you want to lock in your profits if you sense the momentum changing in the game.

One of the main things to consider when making bets over a mobile platform is security. The most trusted online sports books and take security as their top priority. As long as you are using a reputable sports book and you have a secure password, you should have nothing to worry about.

As of the writing of this post in December 2014, most of the online sports books are now offering a mobile responsive platform that easily changes the size and shape of the text and buttons depending on the device you are using to access the site.

Some of my favourite mobile sports betting sites are listed below, along with a short review of the platform. or Mobile App


Bodog Mobile App

Pros – The App design gets a 10 out of 10 – This is probably my favorite mobile betting platform as far as design goes. It is very intuitive and very user friendly. The navigation is very simple to understand and I have never had any issues using the app.

The Live betting option is great. They cover most primetime games and offer a variety of live betting options.

Bodog is the Canadian version of the site. Bovada is the version available in the United States.

Cons – Bodog does occasionally have some very bad lines. They never offer lines at -105, most are -110 or even as bad as -120 in some cases. So be careful, I would only recommend this site as an additional account once you have one with either 5Dimes or Pinnacle that offer reduced Juice.

shadow-ornament Mobile Mobile

Pros – The 5Dimes platform is mobile responsive but I will say it still needs some further development. It works fine on an ipad or a large scree phone, but it can be difficult to see all of the lines on a smaller phone screen such as an iPhone 5.

One of the best features of 5Dimes is the reduced juice lines, you can get most major sports at -105 lines on the day of the game. 5Dimes also offers very fast payouts and they service most countries including the USA.

5Dimes also has some of the best betting lines for prop bets and futures. Often twice the odds as some other sites.

Cons – Can be difficult to see all of the information on a smaller screen as you can see in the screen shot on the right.

5Dimes also tends to shade their teaser lines to make teasing down favourites less profitable.

Overall 5Dimes is one of my favourite online sports books and favourite mobile betting options.


Pinnacle Sports Mobile

Pinnacle Sports mobilePros –Pinnacle is the leading online sports book. They carry the most action and have the largest betting limits of any of the major sports books. Their reputation is second to none.

The pinnacle site is fully mobile responsive and they have a mobile app that you can save to your smart phone. It also offers live wagering and updates very quickly.

Pinnacle also has the most sports betting options I have seen at any online sports book as you can see in the selection menu in the picture to the right.

Pinnacle also offers a huge variety of mobile sports betting options for prime time games including prop bets and futures.

I have found that pinnacle offers the lowest prices to buy points in football, most lines only cost about 7 cents including the key numbers 3 and 7, which usually cost more on other books.

Cons – The only bad thing I can say is that sometimes there is an error where the mobile app gives me decimal odds when I prefer to view american odds.


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