Pinnacle Lean

Pinnacle Lean

This article covers betting trends and the famous Pinnacle Lean, how to spot the Pinnacle lean in action, and how to identify a false Pinnacle lean.

Sports bettors who bet online are more than likely to come to the realization that not all sportsbooks are created equally. Every sportsbook has its own business plan and this effects everything the sportsbook does, everything from betting limits to wagers offered.  The goal of the sportsbook is to find it’s ideal target customer. Pinnacle is one of the largest and most successful online sports books, and they have their own method of creating lines, one of which has been termed the “Pinnacle Lean”.

Some sportsbooks say that they are only interested in having recreational players/bettors as customers and if they think your bets are too on point, you might get banned, even if you have shown a loss betting with them. Beating the line moves too often is a red flag for recreational sportsbooks and if you happen to bet the Clippers at -7 and the line moves to the Clippers -8 later in the day, they will hold that against you even if the the spread isn’t covered by the Clippers.

What About The Pinnacle Lean Betting Trends?

There are other sportsbooks that state they will accept wagers from anybody, including professional bettors. These sportsbooks tend to have higher betting limits than the books that only offer recreational bets, and they have tons more influence on the lines in that when they move a number, many other sportsbooks will usually adjust their odds to be more in line with what they are offering.

The sportsbook that is most often regarded as the one where the best bettors play is Pinnacle, whose reduced juice policy and the ability to re-wager the maximum bet size on a game after the line moves or a period of time has elapsed has made it a big time favorite for big-time professional bettors.

At most sportsbooks, if you bet the max amount of money on SMU +33, you’re finished betting that game and won’t be able to place an additional wager on the Mustangs. At Pinnacle, if the odds drop to Texas A & M -32.5, Pinnacle will allow you turn around and bet the max amount on SMU +32.5. If the line holds steady at 33, Pinnacle will still go ahead and allow you to bet the maximum on SMU after a period of time has elapsed, which is the biggest reason why Pinnacle is so popular with professional bettors.

What is the Pinnacle Lean?

Pinnacle’s adjusted lines come from within, which means that they adjust lines based on the wagers they accept, unlike the sportsbooks who tend to follow the line moves of others. That in turn has created a concept that is known as the Pinnacle lean, which occurs when Pinnacle’s line is different than the other sportsbooks.

The Pinnacle lean is more predominant in baseball and college basketball. The Pinnacle lean sometimes comes into play during NFL football and is usually a good way to tell what the professional bettors are doing.

On example of the Pinnacle lean in action would be Saturday’s Miami, Ohio at Cincinnati game, as the Bearcats were -27 or -27.5 at nearly every online book, while Pinnacle was dealing Cincinnati -28 on Thursday morning.

Other games aren’t quite as easy to determine, such as Saturday’s Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech game. On Thursday morning, the line was VirginiaTech -7.5 many sportsbooks and Virginia Tech -8 at the others. But Pinnacle was dealing Virginia Tech -9, giving a slight lean to the Hokies in the game, but it could also be a case of Pinnacle preventing Virginia Tech to being teased down to less than a field goal, a concept that is more common in the NFL.

A lot of people still follow the Stanford Wong Sharp Sports Betting concept when playing 7.5 to 8.5 point favorites in NFL betting, and teasing them down to laying less than a field goal or taking 1.5 to 2.5 point underdogs and building them up to getting more than a touchdown. Sportsbooks know that they will get some teasers whenever there are lines in those ranges and so it is good to take that into consideration.

Another fine example of protecting against a teaser would be the Baltimore at Cleveland game, where the majority of sportsbooks had the line of Baltimore -1.5, which means that you could tease the Ravens to +4.5 and four is considered to be a key number in the NFL betting world. Pinnacle was holding the line at Baltimore -2, so that 6-point teasers would only receive +4. So when it comes to NFL betting, it is good to take a look at what happens to the line when teased in either direction as that could save you from seeing a false lean.

The Pinnacle lean can be hard to estimate in baseball, where Pinnacle’s reduced juice concept shows itself. For example, Thursday’s Cleveland at Houston game saw Pinnacle with a line of Cleveland -127 in the morning and the take-back on the Astros was +117. Most other sportsbooks were still using their overnight line and had Cleveland – 135 and +115 on the Astros. Even though you may believe the Pinnacle lean was in effect towards Houston, Pinnacle was offering much better odds on both teams than the other sportsbooks and it wasn’t making a stand in either direction, as people betting on Cleveland could save 8-cents on the Indians, and Houston sports bettors were gaining 2-cents on their take-back.

When other sportsbooks have the Angels -125 and the Mariners +115, Pinnacle had moved its odds to Angels -118 and Mainers +109. We can then say that the Pinnacle lean is in effect towards the Mariners.

The people who run Pinnacle are some of the most brilliant minds in the sports betting world. Not everybody can go against the professional bettors and hold their own, but Pinnacle has been earring a decent yearly income for years.  When Pinnacle takes a stand on a game, they usually have a reason for it and it is worth spending the extra time to look at Pinnacle’s line and check out what other sportsbooks are doing in comparison. If you spot a pinnacle lean towards one side or another, there is usually good reason for it.

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